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Laurie Ruettimann

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Years of Service Matter

New Blog Post! Years of Service Matter

I always wonder why HR sucks so much at recognizing an employee’s years of service.

I know we are moving to a gig economy. Everyone is moving to a shorter workweek and we never see one another, anymore. We are all supposed to own our own brands and know that no job is forever.

But much of that is garbage.

People still work in boring, normal jobs for more than nine months. Very few people wear…

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Today Isn’t Tomorrow #tdn2k

New Blog Post! Today Isn’t Tomorrow #tdn2k

photo-431A few months ago, Kellogg declined to accept my application for enrollment into a certificate program to help women become board members. They looked at my simple application and said, “Yeah, no thanks. We don’t want your cash, and we don’t want to teach you how to be an effective board member.”

I was a little upset, but I tried to remember that today isn’t tomorrow. Whenever I hit an obstacle in…

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Marathon Monday: Wish List

New Blog Post! Marathon Monday: Wish List

It’s week 9 of my marathon training. This round has been easy peasy.  I am a little tired from all the travel, but running is simple. I am barely sore. It’s amazing how your body can adjust to smart and consistent training initiatives.


I have great friends who keep offering to buy stuff for my marathon. I started to make a wish list on Amazon, but then I…

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On Compensation

New Blog Post! On Compensation

Most Americans aren’t comfortable talking about money. You look rude if you talk about your salary or how much you spend on big-ticket items.

But years ago, I worked for a woman who told me how much she earned for a living. Then she told me that, when possible, I should share my salary with other women whom I trust. It’s important to educate the market, even when it might feel uncomfortable.


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Do Your Job

New Blog Post! Do Your Job


Years ago, my mom had regular meltdowns (like any mom) while trying to raise four kids. She would say, “If everybody would just do their jobs around here, life would be easier.”

I’m still not sure what my job was, exactly, but I know that I didn’t do it very well.

Just this past weekend, I was standing on a corner in Berkeley, CA. I was surrounded by failed undergraduate students…

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Seven Ways to Spot the Future Husband Who Will Beat You

New Blog Post! Seven Ways to Spot the Future Husband Who Will Beat You


I am a recruiter and a human resources lady. There is very little science or psychology to what I do for a living, but I am trusted with the lives and future of people who believe that I have great insight into the world of work, power and motivation.

(It’s humbling.)

I use a mix of curiosity and forthrightness to hire great people to do great work. If there are any warning signs, I move on.


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Marathon Monday: Running Solo

New Blog Post! Marathon Monday: Running Solo

It’s week 8 of marathon training. I feel good even though I am hitting a long stretch of miles. Last week was 18 miles. This week is 20 miles. It’s all very exciting, but I can use a nap. And life is so busy, right now, that I had to squeeze in 18 miles on my own on Friday.

[For you local nerds, I started at Whole Foods in Chapel Hilland ran down Franklin Street, skimming the UNC campus. Then I…

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I am on the road at least one day each week for 40 weeks during the year. Sometimes I speak with executives in an office or a conference room. Sometimes I speak to HR professionals in a hotel ballroom. There are times when I am on stage in front of a large audience.

No matter where I am, the act of speaking is tiring.

The lights! The audience! The networking! The pressure to say something that makes sense!

I am not complaining. I live a charmed life, and it’s easier than working in a shabby Chinese coal mine; however, when I step off stage, I am both energized and spent in a way that is difficult to explain.

— Could I run a mile with the amount of adrenaline in my system? Hell yes.
— Could I take a nap? Yes. Especially on the plane ride home. I am out in minutes.

What I notice most is how my cognitive abilities decline if I don’t take meaningful breaks between long trips. I can’t travel for more than a few days in a row. If I do, I stop using my words when I get home. I make mistakes in emails. My tweets and text messages only make sense to someone who is as road-drunk as I am.

Hard work of any kind taxes our bodies and our central nervous systems. I know that many of you deserve some time off but can’t get away for various reasons. Family commitments are huge. Financial situations are tight. But I think you probably need a day or two away from the daily grind of your job so you can regroup and focus on what’s important.

Even if you step away for a few hours, this weekend, I would encourage you to do it.

You work hard. You deserve it.

Why does everyone hate HR? Join the movement to fix that. Download the new e-book, “I Am HR.” Click to tweet.

New Blog Post! Time Off I am on the road at least one day each week for 40 weeks during the year.
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Get a Hobby (& Other Obvious Life Advice)

New Blog Post! Get a Hobby


Nobody with a vibrant hobby has time to be crabby about work.

purpose rule

Relationships are a two-way street. Your friends and colleagues are happy that you have a great job, but they have stuff to talk about, too.

smart rule

If you’re so smart, why aren’t you your own boss?

60 percent rule

If you are frustrated and your work isn’t appreciated, the answer isn’t to do more.

Forbes rule

It’s possible to both be happy and have a mediocre job.…

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#HRTECHCONF Marketing Strategies

New Blog Post! #HRTECHCONF Marketing Strategies

IMG_8486-224x300I want to hear how technology works for the HR professional in the trenches, and I have two spots available for HR Tech briefings on Wednesday.

Let me know if you’re in, okay?

I don’t want to talk about marketing. I know, I know, I know. It’s all about marketing.Too bad, though. I am turning down those requests. Although I worked at a marketing agency for a hot minute, no 30-minute briefing with…

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