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Laurie Ruettimann

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I Want a Therapy Dog

I Want a Therapy Dog

sfl-travelers-dogs-airport-20130823-004 I travel for a living.

I’ve been on planes since I was 25 years old. When I see people walking through airports with therapy dogs, I roll my eyes. You better be a veteran with PTSD or I’m calling bullshit on your small, adorable animal.

Except I keep having these horrible experiences at airports, and it’s killing me. I am starting to understand why people have those therapy dogs.

Long delays and…

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Racist HR People

Facebook brings out the worst in all of us, including me.

I lived in St. Louis for seven years. My first HR job was at Leaf Candy Company. We made Switzer, Good & Plenty and Chuckles. It was a busy and vibrant factory, later featured in a Michael Moore movie when Hershey USA purchased the brands and killed those union jobs by moving production to Mexico thanks to Bill Clinton, Al Gore and NAFTA.

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Being a Cop is Probably the Worst Job in America

On the Blog: Being a Cop is Probably the Worst Job in America

Mariska-Hargitay-Announces-Return-to-Law-and-Order-SVU-2Being a cop is probably the worst job in America.

I am not writing this as a woman who is immersed in research and policy. (Clearly.) I’m writing this because I know a ton of cops — family, childhood friends, former colleagues who quit jobs in IT and HR and became cops — and the job sounds awful.

I have heard thousands of cop stories in my lifetime, and I’ve come to believe one thing in my…

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Employee Engagement and Women

New Blog Post! Employee Engagement and Women

Surfing-Photo My friend, Don MacPherson, is awesome.

Don is the founder and president of a company called Modern Survey — but who cares about his job?

I count my blessings that our paths crossed back in 2011. He is a smart guy with a big heart who accepts my idiosyncrasies and encourages me to do better in life. I always wonder — what the hell does he get in return? I send him postcards and text messages.…

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Work Life Balance and Recognition

New Blog Post! Work Life Balance and Recognition

While I was out on vacation, I received word that my blog was recognized as one of The Best Work Life Balance Blogs of 2014.

Of course. How perfect.

It’s just link bait, but I was moved by what the article says about this site.

“Ironically enough, Laurie’s blog may be the only work-life balance blog that has posts about both work and life. Laurie writes about movies and books as well as other…

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On Robin Williams and Your Truth

New Blog Post! On Robin Williams and Your Truth

Idoes this need to be said craig fergusont seems like the whole world is shocked and saddened by the loss of Robin Williams.

Makes sense. Death in any form is awful and scary.

When I heard about Robin Williams, it made me think about the veterans who take their lives. His death made me think of all the drug addicts, alcoholics and mentally ill people I know who are caught up in a legitimate — albeit exhausting — struggle with sobriety…

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Now Calling All Felons: Anthony Weiner is Hiring

New Blog Post! Now Calling All Felons: Anthony Weiner is Hiring


I have family members who can’t find work because of arrest records and felony convictions.

They haven’t served time in prison, but their lives feel like prison because they are locked into a cycle of low-wage jobs (and no savings) due to non-violent offenses in their past.

Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner(aka Carlos Danger) is opening a restaurant in Rockaway, NY to address the needs…

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